Podcasting is a unique and fun hybrid of content creation and networking but hosting a podcast is a little different from traditional marketing tactics. It’s a combination of marketing, SEO, social media marketing, and even more. Of course, you can always combine standard podcasting where you’re the guest with hosting your very own podcast, but each style of podcasting helps your business in slightly different ways. 

One of the biggest advantages of host podcasting is that it takes a little of the focus off of you and is a little more relaxed way to get started as a podcaster. Of course, we’ll talk more about the differences between starting your own podcast and guest podcasting, as well as some of the advantages of hosting your own podcast.

Here’s what you need to know. 

How Hosting a Podcast Is Different

Starting a podcast is a very different ballgame from being a guest on a podcast by yourself. For one thing, as a podcast host, you’re often less the focus of each episode, which also means you can’t ever quite predict where an episode is likely to go. 

Just like prepping for a good interview, you’ll probably exchange some notes about what you want to cover in the podcast, but you never know when your guest might say something incredibly interesting that takes you completely off track. 

Starting your own podcast is also different because you’re probably going to cover a lot broader range of topics when you’re acting as a host as opposed to just being on other peoples podcasts. You’ll have the option of bringing in guests from a lot of different niches, which helps keep things fresh and makes it easier to find more things to talk about. 

Plus, you’ll have the option to guide the conversation to where you’d like that makes sense for your guest. That can make host podcasting a great option for people who want a little more variety in their workday. 

Does Starting Your Own Podcast Benefit Your Business Or Only Your Guests? 

One of the biggest things businesses wonder about when they start a podcast is if hosting a podcast will actually help their business or only their guests. 

The answer is that a good host podcast will help everyone involved, including your business. Part of that is because people will be interested in a company that is bringing in high-quality and interesting guests. A good host can be their own driving force as well, a lot of people will listen to podcasts they aren’t otherwise interested in just because of the personality of the host. 

At the end of the day, a good podcast will help your business, no matter what format you choose. It’s the quality and cultivating an atmosphere your audience enjoys that’s more important than the actual format. 

Advantages of Hosting a Podcast

Hosting a podcast is an entirely different beast than being a guest on podcasts by yourself, but that also means it comes with some advantages that are a little different from other kinds of podcasting. Here’s what you need to know if you’re considering starting your own podcast.

Every Episode Is A Little Different

One of the big advantages of starting a podcast is that no two episodes will be exactly the same. Your guests will bring an entirely different set of experiences and personalities to the podcast, which will help keep things fresh. 

The fact that every episode is a little different when you have a podcast also means that hosting a podcast can be a good way to add some variety to your existing podcast as well. 

Lots of Networking Opportunities

One of the bigger advantages for businesses when it comes to hosting podcasts is that it’s a natural networking opportunity that already builds goodwill between you and other business owners and influencers. 

That’s because being a guest on your podcast is good for them and getting to host them is good for you. Starting a new relationship on a mutually beneficial project is a great way to help network and make people more interested in working with you on other projects in the future. 

May Be Able To Appear As A Guest On Other Podcasts

Hosting a podcast is different from appearing as a guest, but if any of your guests have their own podcast, they might offer to feature you as a guest in return. These opportunities are great because it gives you more of an opportunity to work together and theming the podcast episodes can help you both expand your audiences by bringing your communities to each other’s episodes. 

Think of this as an extended networking opportunity, and one that will get easier and easier the more often you do it. 

Great Way To Build Brand Reputation

Even though hosting a podcast guest usually means focusing on your guest, being a good host and a good interviewer is a great way to book your business’s reputation. 

This is incredibly effective in part because a lot of consumers are looking for community-driven businesses these days. By having your own podcast that isn’t all about your business you can help your business seem more altruistic and trustworthy. 

It’s Easy To Reach A New Audience By Hosting

Using podcasting as good business marketing is all about reaching a new audience and expanding your existing audience. This is one of the places where having guests on your podcasts is a great option because usually, your guests will bring at least a small audience with them! 

Every time you have a new guest on your podcast you might be able to get a small portion of their audience to start following you. That’s important because it’s a great way to attract people you might not otherwise target with traditional advertising and online marketing efforts. 

Starting Your Own Podcast Is A Great Way To Increase Web Traffic Quickly

Starting your own podcast is also a good way to establish yourself online thanks to guests bringing some of their audience with them. A lot of people will check out your website and social media presence just to see who is going to be interviewing your guest. 

That means that just having a podcast is a great way to attract a lot more people to your website and to start building domain authority and other important SEO factors quickly. 

Having your own podcast is a little more involved than guest podcasting, and might seem overwhelming to launch a podcast on your own. Royal Reputation can help you get started and attract guests. This is a great way to get started with having a podcast for your business, but without quite as much pressure as building it on your own. 

How Royal Reputation Can Help

If all of this sounds overwhelming, we get it! Starting your own podcast is a complicated business, but it’s definitely worth it. Don’t worry too much though, if you decide to work with Royal Reputation, we can help with every step of the process so you can focus on your business and prepping for your interviews. 

At Royal Reputation we have an outreach network designed to help you book the most interesting and relevant guests for your show, and to make sure you never run out of potential guests. 

We also take care of the entire production process, all the editing and SEO for your podcast to make sure you’re ready to publish and attract attention. 

Plus we help distribute your content to the website for SEO benefits and help your social media presence by creating you 10-15 pieces of unique shareable videos pulled from your podcast interviews to help hype the episode and attract more listeners after you publish. 

We turn your website into a living breathing ecosystem primed for traffic. 

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