Podcasting is one of the best kinds of media for businesses that want to advertise and get the word out, but guest podcasting is a little different than running your own podcast. Some businesses are hesitant to start guest podcasting because they aren’t sure how much of an impact it can have, or whether working with a different business would be worth their time, but there are a lot of reasons you should consider it. 

This article will talk about why guest podcasting is an incredibly powerful tool for businesses that want to market themselves, the advantages of guest podcasting, and how you can start finding podcasts that want new guests to feature. 

Let’s dive in. 

Why You Should Consider Podcasting

Briefly, before we get into the specifics of guest podcasting, let’s talk about the advantages of podcasting for businesses in general. 

One of the biggest advantages of podcasting for businesses is that it’s a good way to reach a wider audience and start warming them up to your business and business sales. Podcasting is a great way to talk about the things that make your business work, the reasons you’re in the business you’re in, and to address common questions and concerns. 

Podcasts are also a fantastic way to start building your brand reputation and give you a little more control over your reputation since you’ll have a closer relationship with your audience and your main customer base. 

It’s also important to consider podcasts because they’re a good way to get the word out and can be better and more cost-effective marketing than other kinds of advertisements and information you can put out there.

The Advantage of Guest Podcasting

Of course, guest podcasting is its own ball game, so it’s important to consider what the specific advantages are of guest podcasting. Here we’ll talk about some of the things that are a little different from podcasting in general, but you should also remember that guest podcasting comes with a lot of the advantages of having your podcast as well. 

Pre-Show Marketing

Pre-show marketing when you’re a guest podcaster is a little different than just having your own podcast. With your own podcast, you’ll be repping new episodes on social media and online, of course, but you’re mostly going to reach the audience you already have. 

Guest podcasting gives you an opportunity to get your name, face, and business on someone else’s social media. Pre-episode posts are designed to generate hype and get more listeners, which means they can be some of the best and most effective advertising for your business. 

Plus, since a lot of podcasts take guests for free, or even pay guests for their time, those pre-episode posts can be some of the most affordable advertising you can get as a podcaster. 

Tapping A New Audience

Of course, one of the biggest advantages of appearing as a guest on someone else’s podcast is that it gives you access to a new audience that you might not have been able to reach otherwise. Tapping a new audience is incredibly valuable whether you have your own podcast, or if you just want to direct them toward your business’s website or other business assets. 

Guest podcasting can be a great low-cost way to get your business in front of people who might be interested but also might not be an audience you would typically target in your own advertising. 

Building A Good Community Reputation

One of the bigger advantages to podcasting can be that it gives you a little more control over your reputation with the community, both your business community and with your audience. Guest podcasting can be just as effective as having your own podcast but in slightly different ways. 

For instance, one of the big advantages of guest podcasting is that it’s an opportunity to network with other businesses in your niche, local businesses, and anyone with a podcast interested in working with you. 

That’s important because having those business ties not only gives you networking and partnership opportunities, but it also makes brand management easier since the business community will have closer ties with you. 

Minimal Effort For Payoff 

One of the biggest advantages of guest podcasting is that guest podcasting takes a lot less effort and time for the payoff you get. Most podcasts can be recorded in as little as an afternoon, some in as little as an hour, and you probably won’t have to help with editing or any of the production side of the podcast. 

As long as you have a reasonably good setup to record your voice and have high-quality audio over the internet, guest podcasting is simple and, quick, and incredibly effective. 

How To Find Podcasts Looking For Guests 

If you’re ready to get started on guest podcasting, the first step is probably to find podcasts that are interested in having you on as a guest. 

If you’re an established business you may already have gotten some offers from interested podcasts, but for the most part, you’ll be more successful if you seek out podcasts and pitch yourself as a guest first. 

One of the easiest ways to get started is to look for podcasts in your business niche from your provider of choice. Look for podcasts that have had guests on before, and especially for podcasts that have a new guest every week. The more guests a podcast needs, the easier it will be to pitch. 

Most podcasts that accept guest applications will have some information about how you can apply on their website. 

You can also use networking sites like LinkedIn as a reliable way to find podcast hosts, which will give you some more podcasts to pitch. 

Lastly, consider looking outside your specific niche to any interest areas you have or relevant experience you could speak to. For instance, there are a lot of leadership podcasts that are always looking for successful business leaders to interview. If you’re an entrepreneur you may want to look for entrepreneurial podcasts, and if you’re interested in a specific kind of philanthropy or any other business-relevant passions, pitch those podcasts as well. 

One of the great things about guest podcasting is that you can have excellent representation for your business even if you’re working outside of your normal niche!

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