Crisis Management

Online Crisis Management

While the internet is one of the most powerful, effective, and positive tools we have access to, it can also be the downfall of your personal reputation. It’s easier than ever for competitors, trolls, unhappy clients, or even people who hold personal grudges to damage or completely ruin your image online.

There are a variety of methods, however, news articles, bad reviews, social media attacks, and creating negative blogs/websites are the most common ways that people attack reputations these days. As with any news source, Google’s algorithms tend to favor shocking, “click-worthy” search results, so negative, or “newsworthy” content gets pushed to the top of the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Even one negative search result popping up on Page 1 of Google when people search your name can ruin your reputation, get you fired, keep you from getting hired, or drive your business into the ground. That’s why it’s important to know how to handle an online crisis.

If you’re undergoing an online crisis, it’s easy to feel like you’ve lost control of the situation, but that is never the case. Royal Reputation will help you analyze and understand your situation, come up with a strategy that will put you back in the driver’s seat, then execute that strategy so that you can take back control of your personal reputation.

Who Needs Personal Online Crisis Management?

Everyone is vulnerable to online defamation. Even if you have never used the internet, it’s still possible – and technically, even easier – for someone to attack your reputation online. Anyone who has even 1 negative search result in the web, images, video or news section when you search for their name is in need of online reputation management.

Anyone who is falling victim to consistent online defamation, false reviews, social media attacks, or believes they are about to undergo any sort of PR crisis, should hire a firm to help them manage their online assets in order to handle the situation.

Our Personal Online Crisis Management Process

While every crisis is unique, and every response must be just as uniquely suited to the situation, over the years we have developed some best practices and techniques that allow us to take full measure of the situation in order to create a plan that will not only end the crisis, but put your name back in great standing. We are constantly developing and improving on these techniques in order to keep up with the ever-changing online world, stay at the top of our industry, plan for the future, and protect all of our clients reputations for years to come.

Here is an introductory look at our personal online crisis management process:

1. Analysis and Audit
The first step with any crisis is to quickly and effectively research the situation to gain an understanding of the depth and width of your crisis. Our methodical, analytical and efficient approach will give us insights into the past, present and future of your online reputation in the web, news, image and video. Our Crisis Management Experts will create an easy to understand audit and communicate all of our findings with you.

2. Planning
While we are analyzing your crisis we will simultaneously be planning our strategy, from the first steps we need to take, to the long term goals of your case. We create an index of all the different types of positive content that we will need to create in order to contain and suppress any negative online press, and work with you to create a plan and schedule that showcases all of the best aspects of your business. Our keys to successful online crisis management are quick execution, effective planning, and real time analysis and adaptation.

3. Removal/Suppression
Once we have an analysis and initial strategy outlined, it’s time to take action! It will take time to build authority of your owned, shared, and earned assets, especially if there is negative content that people are clicking on within your search results, so we like to start taking steps as soon as possible. Obviously, the quickest and most effective way to get rid of negative content is to have it removed from the internet or SERPs, either by the host site’s webmaster or by Google. However, this is rarely possible. We do attempt to get all negative urls removed, however, in most cases, suppression of negative content through the creation and distribution of positive content is the method we will have to use.

4. Positive Content Production and Distribution
While our ORM Specialists are contacting webmasters and Google to try and get all of the negative content removed from your SERPs, our Content Production team will begin creating a collection of positive content for your company. We will then post and share these Articles, Images, Videos, and any other applicable content types, along with any positive earned media across all of your relevant owned and shared assets. Through years of trial and analysis, industry research, and hard work our team has a great understanding of how to create positive content and share it in the proper channels in order to suppress your negative content and take control of your SERPs.

5. Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reporting, Analysis, and Adjusting
If there is one thing that our team has learned over the years, it’s that there is no perfect formula for Online Crisis Management. We have many techniques, but every case is completely unique. That’s why we pull weekly reports and analyze our case in real time. We stay on top of how our campaign is performing as well as whoever is attacking you. That way we can gain ground and get ahead of your situation and put the control of your reputation back in your hands, where it belongs.

How long does Personal Crisis Management take?

As with any online campaign it takes time to build the authority of your assets. The success of your campaign depends on the amount of resources we have at our disposal. We typically begin seeing changes in the SERPs in the first 2-4 months, but it usually takes more time than that to clean up a messy online reputation. We do not feel comfortable providing a timetable until we have had the chance to look at your situation and provided you with an analysis.

Free Audit & Consultation

If you are experiencing an online crisis, or fear that you may find yourself in one soon, please contact us today for a free free audit, analysis and consultation with one of our Crisis Management Specialists. You can contact us at  or via the form below and we will get back to you within 24 hours.f